Bodenvy Spa Franchise Training and Support


We're committed to being by your side throughout your entire franchising journey.

At Bodenvy Franchising, we understand the immense value of training and support in fostering a thriving team and nurturing professional growth. Witnessing team members gain knowledge, make wise choices, and blossom with newfound confidence is nothing short of amazing!

Spa Training

Our learning management system houses an extensive training platform that covers both initial and ongoing training at the franchise spa  location. The training program begins with at-home learning for 2-3 team members to establish foundational knowledge, followed by hands-on training with clients and our team at our training facility. The newfound confidence gained by most franchisee team members after the two weeks of training is astounding! The training consists of classroom learning, rigorous testing, hands-on training, and more testing to ensure team members are confident when they return to their respective offices.

Support For You Med Spa

After completing the comprehensive two weeks of training in Orlando, our team members are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their roles. To further support their growth, manufacturer representatives will provide additional training on equipment and certifications. Additionally, the franchise team will have access to our learning management system for ongoing reminder training and office setup procedures to ensure a seamless opening day experience. Our team will even fly to the franchisee's office for a week of opening support, offering guidance and reassurance during any initial jitters. Monthly virtual meetings with the general manager and owners will review the franchisee's KPI dashboard to identify areas of potential improvement. At Bodenvy Franchising, we are dedicated to supporting our team members every step of the way.


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