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Bodenvy's mobile app is the perfect companion for clients who are on a weight loss journey. Our Extreme Transformation app is specifically designed to complement our Bodenvy med spa franchise weight loss and body sculpting program. By connecting to our Seca body composition devices and finger prick blood test kits in real-time, the app provides clients with a comprehensive overview of their progress. With the Seca integration, clients can view a detailed history of their visceral fat, total fat, weight, hydration, and segmental muscle changes right from their mobile phone. Additionally, the app automatically uploads blood test results to track Ketones and Glucose history, giving med spa clients a complete picture of their weight loss journey. The app also helps clients adhere to their custom nutritional plan by providing meal and intermittent fasting reminders, keeping them on track and motivated throughout their weight loss journey.  Contact us today to find out more about Bodenvy's spa franchise opportunities!

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